All Natural ingredients allow Pussy Natural Energy to mix smoothly into well crafted cocktails, not overpowering the other flavors like some mixers. The result is a highly enjoyable, refreshing cocktail. Get creative yourself or try one of these recipes created by world-class mixologists!


3/4 oz Premium Gin
Muddled Cucumber
1.5 oz Pussy Natural Energy
Garnish w/ Sage or other fresh herb (Optional)
Best Served in a Champagne flute


1.25oz Premium White Rum
1oz Fresh Orange Juice
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4oz Jasmine liqueur
Muddled Mint
Topped with 1-2oz Pussy Natural Energy
Best served in a small bucket (or rocks glass)

PNE Martini

Fresh squeezed Blood Orange
1.25oz Vodka
3/4oz Saint Germain
1/2oz Pussy Natural Energy
Best served in a martini glass

We are always mixing up new drinks, so check back regularly for new recipes!

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