All Natural ingredients allow Pussy Natural Energy to mix smoothly into well crafted cocktails, not overpowering the other flavors like some mixers. The result is a highly enjoyable, refreshing cocktail. Get creative yourself or try one of these recipes created by world-class mixologist Joe Matlock.

While Joe creates some of the best drinks we have ever tasted, he doesn’t like to name them. Help us name our cocktails! Submit as many ideas as you would like. If yours is selected we will send you free Pussy Natural Energy! Connect on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to submit your ideas. Don’t forget #NameOurCocktails #PussyNaturalEnergy

Drink #1

3/4 oz Premium Gin
Muddled Cucumber
1.5 oz Pussy Natural Energy
Garnish w/ Sage or other fresh herb (Optional)
Best Served in a Champagne flute

Drink #2

1.25oz Premium White Rum
1oz Fresh Orange Juice
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4oz Jasmine liqueur
Muddled Mint
Topped with 1-2oz Pussy Natural Energy
Best served in a small bucket (or rocks glass)

Drink #3

Fresh squeezed Blood Orange
1.25oz Vodka
3/4oz Saint Germain
1/2oz Pussy Natural Energy
Best served in a martini glass

Joe is always stirring up new drinks, so check back regularly for new recipes!

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